Biard network : your partner in relocating your company !

Specialist in company removal, thanks to its network established in France and worldwide, BIARD provides the best conditions for the transfer of your company.

Demanding a high level of professionalism and a proven know-how, relocating your company will undergo several steps :

  • Analyzing your needs by one of our relocating consultants who will pay visits to your premises
  • Collaborating with your general services along the study and throughout the transfer process
  • Featuring the sites at departure and upon arrival
  • Labelling the furniture as well as frail items
  • Provision of technical facilities suitable to the packaging and transportation of your hardware and your business records
  • Establishment of furniture and all documents

Carried by a transfer counselor, relocating your business is achieved in accordance with the international standards. Certified EN ISO 2001, the 2008 version, BIARD International Moving guarantees a high quality service that will meet your expectations in every step of the removal process : prior, during and after the transfer.

A proven methodology in 4 steps

1. A personalized assessment of your needs

Our experts will travel to your premises to assess your needs and identify the volume. They are also involved from the start and arrival of the transfer to ensure the best conditions. From this audit, you'll get a personalized quote and tailored solutions.

2. Coordination of operations

A person is dedicated to your project. It provides the interface with general services throughout the duration of the operation. Guarantee the successful completion of your transfer; we realize an implementation plan and a precise schedule of our intervention. A detailed inventory of all areas affected by the transfer is made.

3. Packaging and transfer professionals

Day of the operation, protection of premises is carried out using suitable equipment. Furniture and parts are labeled. Standard cartons and computer box, packaging selections are tailored to your needs.

4. A replacement of local

From the floor plan we set up your new working environment. This plan for each room or office location of furniture or machines. A copy is posted at the entrance of each room to allow an arrangement according to your wish. We ensure the implementation of the furniture and all documents.