The different phases of the operation include:

  • conducting an evaluation of scaling of goods covered by the contract of the MOVE
  • defining the conditions for packaging, Containerboard knowing that can be provided, and you can take care of all or part of parcel packaging, in accordance with your contact.
  • examine the conditions for a move, knowing that eventually a car with or without driver, you may be allocated for pre-routing.
  • establishing other links in the chain or TRANSPORTATION

CHOICES involved will determine the nature of the costs incurred:

  • Whether or not GROUPING before shipment, saving on freight rates, but the risk lie time.
  • Determination of the mode of transport: sea, air or road or rail interconnections and mixing options.
  • considering the possibility of using the solution of setting BIARD FURNITURE MOVE which can handle it.

BIARD Moving means for each operation a contact favors liability throughout the course of the transport chain, from support to delivery.