Our know-how

In order to satisfy its customers in France and abroad, BIARD is committed to a quality most prized in the moving industry.

The quality survey your satisfaction is our goal.

This tool provides you with the security you need for your project moving.

We also introduce techniques that allow us to measure the quality of our services.

It is also the "Quality Survey" that the team leader will give you after your move. You will have to complete and sign this document.

You are our barometer quality!

The quality commitment

Objective n°1: ensure a quality service.

Since 1998, the quality of services provided by our branches in mainland France was certified ISO 9002. This certification was extended in 2002 to all our overseas branches. Armed with this certification, we continue with our efforts and internal inspections in order to improve the quality of services we give our clients.

En 2000, Biard removal agencies approach rewarded ISO 9001 certification.
Since our first contact and at each step of your removal, we are working hard to provide you the best service and delivery.

In 2002, all the Biard removals branches were certified ISO 9001, thus joining the ranks of the first branches certified to this standard, deemed to be very exacting.

In 2008, with the publication of EN ISO 9001: 2008 for systems of quality management, BIARD Removals network updates its certification with a primary objective which is the provision of a service consistent with regularly applicable requirements and intended for its customer's satisfaction.

The network


In France, we have 22 agencies across the country for a comprehensive coverage that truly meets your needs.


Our worldwide network can serve major cities in every continent.
Being a priviledged partner for your international shipments to Canada, the USA, Latin America, the Middle East, Asia and Australia, we offer competitive rates through our membership in associations of internationally renowned movers.


Once again, our worldwide network is able to cover a wide territory. Being an expert of shipments to DOM-TOM, we offer competitive rates for consolidated or personalized shipments to pack off your personal belongings and vehicles.
The transportation of your items is made by air or sea.

Our guarantee

The Biard Network guarantee is based on :

Experience :

  • 30 years experience in removals
  • Expertise of leading
  • A qualified and experienced staff

Security :

  • The protection of your belongings
  • Value statemen
  • Insuring your stored goods in storage cabinet

Being closed by :

  • A removers' network in France and all over the world
  • A counselor supports you throughout your removal
  • Near premises of furniture storage are available

Reactivity :

  • Customer services are available throughout the week
  • Responding as soon as possible
  • A monitorship during all you removal steps

Economy :

  • A considerable time saving thanks to the speed of our response
  • A distance saving consistent with our national and international network
  • A gain of money thanks to our optimized capabilities of management

Quality :

  • Certified BIARD Removals EN ISO 9001 : 2008
  • A universal guarantee : BIARD is a member of international associations.
  • A bespoke service whatever your destination would be

Our expertise

BIARD Removals guarantees your protection

To provide maximum protection, we use material suited to the size and type of object and the method of transport used. High-standard packaging suited to the size of your goods will prevent any nasty surprises when you unpack your things.

BIARD Removals guarantees the professionalism of it removers

We provide you with professional removers. They know their stuff and have a real expertise in terms of packaging and protection of furniture and objects.
By choosing the Network Biard for your removal, you entrust us with your property. We know that they are precious to you, so we guarantee excellent service and quality.

Goods packaged for export require special attention. Your personal belongings are numbered and listed. Thus, we can carry out all customs steps and formalities.

BIARD Removals guarantee you suitable solutions for you problems

To transport your vehicle in special container, Biard Removals installs a bespoke mezzanine that can load your boxes and furniture protecting your car.

Related services

Besides the removal of your belongings, Biard Removals offers related services.

Cleaning your home, small repairs

BIARD Removals experience allowed us to add, over time, services that can be very useful before and after your removal ... We support you until the end.

Before the inventory, we can clean and make minor alterations and possible repairs

Practical information

When you removal, there are many administrative tasks that need to be taken care of:
To save your time and paperwork, the Network Biard Removals offers a selection of web links that will help you to find information on everything related to the removal

For the removal day, arrange custody of your children and your pets; prepare the site plan of your new home.

he day before the removal, do not forget to defrost your fridges and freezers, drain the gasoline garden tools, tools, bikes... collect together all your official documents and objects of value which should travel separately from the main removal , to put aside useful objects at the removal day or when you arrive at your new home (medications, first aid kit.).
On the day of the removal, go round your old home with the team leader to check that nothing has been forgotten and shut off gas, electricity and water supplies.

The removal day : make a last lap of your old apartment with the team leader to verify that nothing has been forgotten, close the water supply, gas and electricity.

Confide in Biard Moving


The transfer of a business is a very delicate operation. Biard network helps you define with great accuracy your project, your needs and requirements in order to avoid unexpected day J. Major Companies entrust their transfer operation or transfer of their employees in France and abroad. Do not hesitate to contact us for advice.


During a site visit, a transfer advisor answers to your questions, identify ways to implement, adjust the scheduling constraints and evaluates the cost of your move.

For us to best meet your specific needs, we conduct a comprehensive tracking including precious furniture, computer equipment and trucks. Furniture, computer terminals and telephones in particular, are initially labeled using an alpha-numeric coding a port of arrival.


Our movers use suitable equipment loads and volumes to move. The adequacy of human and technical resources with furniture and transfer the physical setting can make your operations safely.

Moving steps

Contact us

Contact us using our contact form and ask for a quotation.
If you already know the volume of your goods, our counselor will draw up a quotation for you and work out how much your removal will cost.

Our advisor visit

It is often difficult to estimate the exact volume of one's property.
If you don't know yours, one of our consultants will come to your home free of charge to work out the volume and advise you with the most suitable service for you budget.

Quotations and insurances

You will receive a free quotation at your home within 48 hours, accompanied by a value declaration form to enable you to estimate the value of your goods higher than €381.
This document is used by the insurance company beforehand to set the compensation terms in the event of loss or damage.