Furniture storage

You need a storage repository for storing your goods or items ?
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With more than 12000 m2 of storage repositories across France, BIARD International Moving provides tailored storage and packaging solutions for individuals and professionals:

  • Classic storage repositories

Combining ease and security, this composition allows you to transport and store your furniture. If you deem it necessary, you will get a handling assistance to help you finish the storage process.

Furniture storage

  • Self-storage :

This formula provides an easy solution for a secure storage of your property, furniture or equipment while you benefit from the flexibility of self-service and free and unlimited access to your belongings.
The services associated to the storage repository rental are as follows :

  • Professionals will load and deliver the containers to your house
  • The sealing of the container, a real "safe", for an optimal security
  • The specific packages (shipping standard), for a proper protection of your belongings during the storage process.

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