The different phases of the operation include:

  • conducting an evaluation of cubage of goods covered by the MOVE contract
  • defining the conditions for packaging, Containerboard knowing that can be provided, and you can take care of all or part of the packaging of parcels.
  • establishing other links in the chain or TRANSPORTATION CHOICES involved will determine the nature of the costs incurred
  • Whether or not GROUPING before shipment, saving on freight rates, but the risk lie delays
  • Determination of the mode of transport: sea, air or road or rail mixing and possible interconnections
  • considering the possibility of using the solution of setting FURNITURE REMOVALS BIARD which can be charged. Our company has a large number of secure sites and reserves for this purpose WAREHOUSES

The Administrative Formalities and / or CLEARANCE are also considered integral parts of MOVE operations. They can be made by our agents or persons duly authorized by BIARD move INTERNATIONAL.

As well to ensure SERENITY and TRANQUILITY by a clause that protects or treats in the best possible hazards, BIARD Moving INTERNATIONAL offers enhanced SERVICE INSURANCE details of which are set a piecemeal.

BIARD MOVING means for each operation a CONTACT favors liability throughout the course of the transport chain, from support to delivery.

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