Move in France

You’re moving in France with the BIARD network: guaranty of quality service!

In order to prepare you’re moving to France, BIARD Moving puts at your disposal a panel of services to meet your expectations. Destined to all professionals or not, the BIARD Network services in France covers all or parts of the steps of a national moving:

  • The preparation phase of the moving towards France
  • The moving proceedings
  • The post-moving phase

Your moving to France is ensured by one unique contact, he or she will ensure the proceedings go smoothly.

You can choose between two types of national moving:

  • The personalized expeditions including the taking care of the furniture and personal belongings
  • The organized convoys that will enable you to save money on fees for your move.

Our customers give you their opinion

Christophe L.

Commercial and team of competent movers and a formidable efficiency! Thank you for their kindness and know-how.
One word: Bravo!

Christophe A.

By my work as a seaman on board and being unavailable at any moment to prepare for this move to Reunion Island, the Biard salesman has been responsive, satisfied with our requirements, and delivered all necessary supplies. The movers teams were just as professional and efficient. Our business was really well packaged, packed, real pros!

Michel L.

We are extremely satisfied with the movers who worked with great professionalism, everything was perfect, team welded and humid, and important: PUNCTUAL!